HP1RCP in Cerro Jefe,

このページは中米・パナマの HP1RCP の紹介ページです。
This Page is introduction of HP1RCP in Cerro Jefe, Panama

***** HP1RCP Operating Parameter *****

   1.Callsign              HP1RCP
   2.Frequency             50.095MHz
   3.Mode                  CW(F2)
   4.Operating Time        24 Hours
   5.Location              Cerro Jefe, Panama
     /Longitude            / 9deg.13min.34sec N
     /Latitude             /79deg.22min.36sec W
     /Altitude             3000feet (=1000m) ASL
   6.Grid Locator          FJ09hf
   7.Transmitter/Power     Cherokee AH-50 FM Handy/0.5W
   8.Antenna               "Hamstick" 1/4 vertical
     /Height               /10feet (=3m) Above the ground
     /Polarization         /Vertical
     /Direction            /Omni direction
   9.Transmitting message  HP1RCP FJ09
  10.Operating Manager     Cam:HP1AC
  11.Reporting Address     E-mail:hp1ac@arrl.net
                           Project of RADIO CLUB DE PANAMA, BOX 10745, 
                           PANAMA 4,PANAMA
  12.Histrical Story       This is a partial project of Radio Club de  
                           Panama, Technical Committee. Also it is 
                           installed and operating two beacons on 10m;
                            HP1RCP/B  FJ09 on 28177 with 10W+vertical,
                            HP1AC/BCN FJ09 on 28231 with 5W+dipole.  

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[HP1RCP の設備] HP1AC:Cam から送られてきた HP1RCP の設備の写真。 左から,メッセージ・ジェネレータ,送信機の Cherokee AH-50(5W FMハンディ機), そして "Hamstick" 1/4λバーティカルアンテナ。 FM(F2)電波によるビーコンは珍しい。 このビーコンのロケーションは,パナマの首都パナマ市の北側に位置する Cerro Jefe である。

[The Equipment of HP1RCP] This picture is from Cam:HP1AC. The Antenna of the beacon is "Hamstick" 1/4 Vertical. And the transmitter is Cherokee AH-50 Handy FM tranceiver with message generator (left one). It is so unique FM(F2) modulating beacon on 50MHz. The location of this beacon is at Cerro Jefe, north of Panama city.

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