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Useful Information
ARRL in Connecticut, USA
DARC in Kassel, Germany
RAST in Bangkok, Thailand
REF in Tours, France
RSGB in Potters Bar, England UK
SMIRK in USA in Brazil by PY5CC
Six Metre Info in Sweden by SM7AED
Six Italy in Italy by IK0FTA
SIXily News in Italy by IW9CER
The New Zealand Six Meter Web site by ZL3TIC
The Pacific Rim 6 Meter Web Page by VK3SIX

LA8AJA in Norway
OE4WHG in Austria
Nick Waite's Homepage by 5B4FL/G3KOX
SV5BYR in Rhodes, Greece
VK2QF SIX METRE Website in Australia

JA6YBR/b in Miyazaki JAPAN
OX3SIX in Greenland at OZ1DJJ Bo's webpage
WB4WOR in North Calorina, USA
I0JX in Roma, Italy
WA7X in Utah, USA

Useful site in Japan 0000000000000 Mostly in Japanese
JR6YAG QSO log from Okinawa by 7J6CCU
JN1BPM in Gumma
JA6YBR/b in Miyazaki

6m国内情報 by JR1GNH in Tokyo
KSSG as Kyushu Six Meter SSB Group
JO6EDD in Nagasaki
JR5IVA/4 in Yamaguchi
JF3KQA/1 in Tokyo
JH6QIL's Homepage in Kagoshima
JA0IAA in Niigata 移動とアワード・自作のページ
Ham-net アマチュア無線家のためのサイト

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