- Radio Amateur Society of Thailand -
40th Anniversary

2003年8月23日,RAST - Radio Amateur Society of Thailand - の創立40周年記念式典がバンコクで開催されました。

The ceremony of the 40th anniversary of RAST - Radio Amateur Society of Thailand - was held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 23, 2003.


More than 200 radio operators in Thailand and other countries were gathering the ceremony.

式典の開会宣言をする RAST 会長 HS1YL:Ms.Mayuree(左)と,当日の来賓,タイ副首相 Mr.Gorn Tapparangsri(右)。

Ms.Mayuree:HS1YL, President of RAST, addressed opning of the ceremony [Left] and Mr.Gorn Tapparangsri, Deputy Prime minister of Thailand, as guest of honor.


Thai traditional dance was perfomed as attractions.

*IARU代表の来賓 ZL2MT:Mr.Hugh Railtonはタイの気鋭YLオペレータE20REX:Gornにコンテストアワードを贈呈【右】

Three guests of honor,
*JA9AG:Yoshii-san from JARL (Japan) hand over the contest award to HS0ZDZ/G3NOM.[Upper left]
*S21D is the reprisentative from BARL (Bagladesh). [Upper right]
*The IARU representative ZL2MT:Mr.Hugh Railton takes other awards of the contest to E20REX:Gorn, who is one of the best YL operators in Thailand.[Right]


Overview of booths, where various ham radio actiity introduce.

*往年の名受信機Hammarlund SP-600!【上右】

*Introduction of the first EME (Moon bounce) operation from Thailand by HS2JFW group by degital movie.[Upper left]
*The famous receiver SP-600![Upper right]
*HS1YL (left) and HS1CKC (right) explain the ham radio activity to Mr.Gorn Tapparangsri (Center), Deputy Prime minister of Thailand.[Left]

【左】タイのアマチュア無線家達:左から E21EIC/XW1IC:Champ, E20RRW:Nut, HS1OVH:Lin(YL), HS0XNO:Yod そして E20ESF:Duan(YL)。
【右】HS4ILI:Boom(左) と HS0VDX:Pornpimol(右)。

[Left] Thai radio operators; E21EIC/XW1IC:Champ, E20RRW:Nut, HS1OVH:Lin(YL), HS0XNO:Yod and E20ESF:Duan(YL), from left to right.
[Right] HS4ILI:Boom (left) and HS0VDX:Pornpimol (right).

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